I recommend putting all your spores and clones on agar first, by doing so, you can ensure that you are working with a clean culture before you introduce it to grains, and it will also take out some the guess work of spore viability.

Once you have a culture growing on agar, you will now want to make sure that it is clean and free of contaminates. 

To demonstrate how to clean up cultures when they need it, please see below 3 images of a few clone cultures with varying levels of growth and infections.

Pic A
Image A

On “image A” we have some mycelial growth in amongst multiple different contamination points. If you had multiple plates that you had cloned from the same mushroom you may want to discard this and choose a cleaner plate. If this is all you have to work with it is best to decide where to take your transfer from before you start.  

Pic B 1
Image B
Pic D
Image B showing clock face
With “image B” you can see it is mostly clean with only a small area of contamination also around the 4:30 mark, most other areas are fine for a transfer.
Pic C
Image C

“Image C” looks contamination free and ready for use but it is always a good idea to do 2 or 3 transfers from your initial clone to make sure you have a clean plate