Grow your own at home!

Welcome to MyShrooms – South Africa’s one-stop-shop for all your myco home grow needs. Growing mushrooms is a super interesting and rewarding hobby for beginners and the more experienced alike. There’s loads to consider when growing mushrooms like temperature, humidity and air flow but we’ll make it as simple as possible to get you on the right path.

To start you’ll need to decide which grow kit you want to grow your mushies with. MyShrooms offers three grow kit options – two are excellent to begin your cultivation journey and they all include step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to guarantee success. Check out the kit comparisons and descriptions below to decide which method best suits your needs.

PF Tek vs Grow in a Bag vs Bulk Grow Kit

PF Tek Kit

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Excludes Liquid Culture Syringe

  • No experience required
  • 4-6 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • Potential of 150-250g harvested fruit
  • 7/10 Success Rate

Grow in a Bag Kit

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Excludes Liquid Culture Syringe

  • No experience required
  • 4-6 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • Potential of 450-650g harvested fruit
  • 9/10 Success Rate

Bulk Grow Kit

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Excludes Liquid Culture Syringe

  • Moderate experience required
  • 3-5 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • Potential of 400-600g harvested fruit
  • 7/10 Success Rate

PF Tek Kit

How to grow mushrooms pf tek kit
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How to grow mushrooms pf tek kit4

The PF Tek Kit is the most common method for first time growers worldwide. Basically it’s a 1lt plastic tub containing sterilised growing medium that you inoculate with the liquid culture syringe of your choice. After about 4 weeks the mycelium will colonise the contents of the tub. You will then remove the cake from the tub and place into a fruiting bag which will allow it to fruit.

Grow in a Bag Kit

How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag
How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag2
How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag3
How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag4 1

Our Grow in a Bag Kit is a fairly new method that costs a bit more than the PF Tek Kit but offers higher yields with an excellent success rate. The bag contains sterilised growing medium which allows you to acheive bulk grow yields that experienced cultivators strive for without requiring extra steps and equipment expenses. What makes this method special is that everything stays inside the sterile bag so the chance of it getting infected are extremely low which facilitates it for more flushes. The Grow in a Bag Kit is our recommended technique whether you’re just beginning or if you’re looking to take the next step in increasing your produce output.

Bulk Grow Kit

How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit
How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit2
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How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit4 1

If you’ve had a bit of experience growing mushrooms on a PF Tek Kit but are looking to increase your yield and skills set this is the method for you. Once your grain kit is fully colonised you will need to pasteurise the substrate mixture before mixing it along with the mycelium into the sterile monotub. The additional nutrition contained in the Grain Kit allows you to acheive a much higher yield than the traditional PF Tek Kit method although it will get you a similar harvest to the Grow in a Bag option. With the combination of a heating pad you’ll be able to control the temperature better during the colder seasons.

Liquid Culture Syringe

Liquid culture (LC) consist of mycelium suspended in a nutrient rich liquid which allows for the cultivation of mushrooms. The LC is available in a 10ml syringe which you use to inoculate the grow kit of your choice with. Basically it’s the seed that you use to plant the mushies. Certain mushroom strains have varied success results on different kits, if you’re unsure about which stain to chose please feel free to contact Dave on 0663452388 or via WhatsApp.

What Now?

Decide which kit & liquid culture you want and place your order online.

Once you’ve added your purchases to your cart and are happy you don’t need anything else you can proceed to the checkout page. We offers a variety of payment methods to suit your needs.

Your order will be delivered to you.

You can expect the courier to deliver your order to your door within 5 working days to major areas. Please ensure someone is available to receive the delivery at the address you allocate during business hours. You’ll also receive detailed step by step instructions via email.

Follow the instructions exactly.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to inoculate and fruit your kit. We guarantee our kits until the fruiting stage so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries during the process.

Harvest and enjoy your mushrooms.

Once your mushrooms have fruited it’s time to harvest them. Some of them will have a vale and the trick is to harvest just before the vale breaks. Simply cut them off at the base and put away for storage until you want to eat them. If you’d like to keep your mushrooms for more than a week it is advisable dry them out as much as possible. After harvesting your mushrooms you can soak the cake in water over night and return to the fruiting chamber. Each cake can fruit multiple times before completion.