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Welcome to our myco-centric classifieds section! We’re thrilled to have you here to share and explore all things mushroom-related. Before diving in, here are a few ground rules to ensure a harmonious marketplace:

  1. Fungi-focused: To maintain the integrity of our marketplace, all listed products must be directly related to fungi. Whether it’s equipment, literature, or artisanal creations, let’s keep the spotlight on our beloved mycological world.
  2. Exclusions: Please refrain from advertising any items already sold by MyShrooms. Let’s keep our offerings unique and diverse.
  3. No liquid culture, grain spawn or spores: For safety and regulatory reasons, we don’t permit the sale of liquid culture, grain spawn or spores through this platform.
  4. Legality matters: We strictly prohibit the sale of any illegal products. Please ensure that all items listed adhere to local and international regulations. Let’s cultivate a safe and lawful environment for our community to thrive.

If you’re uncertain whether your product aligns with our guidelines please check out the Classifieds Guidelines and if it is still not clear feel free to reach out via WhatsApp with the details, or simply list your item and we’ll gladly verify its eligibility. Thanks for joining our fungal community, and happy trading!

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