Grain Spawn
Grain Spawn

Grow your own mushrooms with our quality grain spawn.

Made to order, please allow for 2 weeks before we can courier it.

Grain spawn is the living culture of a fungus, called mycelium, growing on a grain-based material, or substrate. It can be used as a tool for expanding the amount of fungal material you have, through inoculation. Serving a similar function to seeds, spawn is what growers use to start cultivating mushrooms. Where a gardener or farmer might plant a tomato seed to grow a tomato plant, a mushroom gardener or mushroom farmer will use mushroom spawn to grow edible fungi.

Type: We use food grade red sorghum or rye berries to make our spawn.
Weight: Approximately 2kg/bag
Bags: gusseted 2.2 mil polypropylene Unicorn Bag
Filter: High efficiency .5 micron filter
Inoculation Rates: 2kg grain spawn will inoculate up to 40kg of pasteurized staw
Storage: Should be kept in a refrigerator until ready to use
Shelf life: Use within 2-3 months
Sterilization: Commercial grade autoclave sterilized

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