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Avery’s Albino


Please note it is still illegal to grow psilocybin mushrooms. Our syringes are sold for microscopy & taxonomy use only. MyShrooms does not support the growing of psilocybin mushrooms and we cannot offer advice on how to grow them.

10ml Syringe
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Experience the allure of Avery’s Albino, a rare and captivating strain of Psilocybe cubensis making waves in the psychedelic realm as one of the first successfully isolated albino genetics. This newcomer, thought to be an albino mutation of the Cambodian strain, has swiftly gained popularity, particularly in Canada.

Behold the breathtaking beauty of Avery’s Albino mushrooms – genuine albino wonders with no hint of pigment on their fruiting bodies. Beyond aesthetics, revel in a mellow and highly creative high that sets this strain apart. With average potency comparable to other cubensis mushrooms, Avery’s Albino is a delight for intermediate growers seeking an exciting cultivation experience.

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