Golden Hawk


Golden Hawk is a cross of the Golden Teacher and the Hawk strains created by Magic Myco and it’s a newbies best friend showing extremely fast rhizomorphic growth & contamination resistance.

  • Golden Hawk has the growth characteristics of Golden Teacher, but with extreme potency of Hawk.
  • This strain can perform well in a wide range of temperatures and can fruit off of grains without the need for substrate.
  • Growth characteristics range from small to large.
  • Shows some contamination resistant genes.
  • This is the beginners best friend and probably the most versatile Sub-Species fusion we have created! Fast, strong & sporulates well
  • Extremely strong.
  • FYI Golden Hawk was fused with the assistance of low volt/ high ampere electric stimulations (opposite of a lot other electro research which is high volt/ low amp ) & was also one of the fastest fusions Doma has created to date! ITS ALIVE!!!!!

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