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Grain Spawn Kit

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Corn soaked overnight and sterilized ready for inoculation.

Grain spawn is a great way to grow mushrooms in bulk, once your grain is colonized it can be used to inoculate a  bulk substrate and allows for much larger yields. Grain spawn can be used to inoculate bulk substrates in a ratio of between 1-5 to 1-10. Your 800ml grain spawn tub can inoculate between 4l to 8l of bulk substrate. The more you stretch it the longer the colonization times and chance of infection.

This product is for advanced growers who are prepared to do further research into growing their relevant mushroom strain from grain spawn.

This product is provided uninoculated, you will still need to purchase a syringe of whatever mushroom strain you are looking to grow.

Check out the video tutorial below on how to inoculate your Grain Spawn Kit.

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