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Oyster Bucket Top Up


Introducing our Oyster Bucket Top Up – the perfect solution for seasoned cultivators looking to continue their mushroom-growing journey with ease! Designed as a convenient refill option for those who’ve already experienced success with our Oyster Bucket Kit, this package includes everything you need for another round of bountiful harvests – minus the bucket itself. With pre-colonized oyster grain spawn, straw, and hydrated lime at your fingertips, you can effortlessly replicate the process and enjoy a fresh batch of homegrown oyster mushrooms in no time. It’s the ultimate way to sustain your mushroom garden without the hassle of purchasing a new kit each time. Keep the harvests coming and let the joy of mushroom cultivation thrive!

Each Oyster Bucket Top Up includes:

  • Straw substrate
  • Netted bag
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Colonised oyster spawn
  • Diluted bleach in a 100ml spray bottle
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
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Introducing our Oyster Bucket Kit – the perfect solution for mushroom enthusiasts of all ages! This comprehensive beginner kit takes you through each step of the cultivation process, from sterilising and inoculating the straw to eagerly awaiting the bountiful harvest. Get your oyster bucket grow kit today! .

Each Oyster Bucket Kit includes:

  • Modified 10 litre bucket with strategically placed holes for optimal ventilation
  • Pre-filled bag of premium straw substrate
  • Bag of hydrated Lime for sterilising the straw
  • Bag of colonized oyster spawn for swift and successful colonisation
  • 100ml spray bottle filled with diluted bleach for sterilisation purposes
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to ensure a hassle-free growing experience

With multiple fruiting cycles guaranteed, our kit promises not only an enjoyable journey but also a generous yield of delicious mushrooms to savor. We provide you with pre-inoculated grain spawn containing the oyster mushroom species most suitable for the current season, ensuring a thriving growth.

Watch our informative video tutorial below for a quick overview of the process, and rest assured, you’ll receive a comprehensive step-by-step guide along with your purchase.

Once you’ve harvested your mushrooms, don’t forget to explore our refill kits for endless growing adventures! Experience the joy of cultivating your own mushrooms with our Oyster Bucket Kit today.

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