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TrichEVICT 20 – for Yield Increases & Trichoderma Inhibition


TrichEVICT is the world’s first Mushroom Growth Promoter that increases yields while simultaneously decreasing the negative effects of Trichoderma Hazardium on mushroom production. Packed full of 10 micro-organisms, this blend ensures your substrate is optimally positioned to produce beautiful fruiting while extending the life of your “cake.”

TrichEVICT is a great choice for those who have moderately frequent contamination issues. The Bacillus micro-organism that protects from Trichoderma incursion, does so through a bio-film that takes around 8 days to fully form. It is important, therefore, that this treatment be utilized first when “spawning to bulk.”

Directions for use: Add 2 grams of trichEVICT to a 1L sprayer bottle. Store bottle in cool areas, out of direct sunlight. Use the contents of the bottle within 6 months for best results. Mist substrate when mixing spawn and bulk substrate material, and then mix it in. At a minimum, 8-10 sprays should be utilized per 400G of bulk substrate material.

Alternative dry use: To use dry, add 1G to the substrate and mix in.

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Usage Guide

Using DRmyc products is really a straight-forward process, but it is important that instructions are followed for best results. If too few microbes are present on your mycelial cake, contaminants such as Trichoderma Harzianum and bacteria may still thrive, wreaking havoc on your substrate – just the right amount, and you’ll see a concurrent increase in yields and decrease in contaminants:

Mixing Instructions:

  • Step One: Purchase one of our MGP or Contam Reducing blends, if you haven’t already (if you have, thank you very much for your business)
  • Step Two: Get a scale – if you have one already, great. Measure out 2G of formula. If you don’t have a scale, but want to proceed, you may use 1/2 a teaspoon. It is best to sanitize the teaspoon with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol before use. Be sure to reseal your pouch, and place it in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • Step Three: Add 2G of the formula into a sprayer bottle. Robust, cleaning style sprayers work better with the added matter.
  • Step Four: Add either Reverse Osmosis or Mineral Water to your sprayer bottle. Do not use chlorinated tap water. Once full, shake and apply as needed.

Application Instructions:

  • Step One: Spray twice inside of tray, grow bag, or whatever surface your bulk substrate is coming into contact with. Ensure spray is done evenly across the surface.
  • Step Two: Add your bulk substrate + spawn to the tray. Ensure it is properly cooled to below 110*F. Once substrate is added, spray four-times (for a 400G substrate) – or 1 additional spray per additional 100G of substrate. Mix substrate together using sanitary practices (surgical gloves).
  • Step Three: Once the substrate is mixed, and the top surface is in its final position, spray the top surface twice. Ensure even spread across the surface of the substrate.
  • Step Four: Cover the substrate, and then place in your incubator at between 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Step Five: Do not disturb your substrate until the 7th day. Forget it even exists.  On the 7th day, check your pan – you may find your substrate is ready to place into the fruiting chamber. After this step, continue as you normally would and reap the benefits of a bountiful harvest!

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