Bulk Grow Instructions


Step 1

Inoculate your grain kit , this needs to be done asap after receiving kit. Click here to view the instructions.

Step 2

Once grain kit is fully colonized ( fully white ) you are ready to prepare your bulk substrate. Myshrooms guarantees that your grain spawn will colonize correctly but the bulk substrate and fruiting stages are up to you. If you are unsure if your grain kit is ready please mail pics to sales@myshrooms.co.za

Bulk Substrate Prep

* you will need a thermometer that can measure 65 C – 75 C for this step.

Step 3

Place a large pot of water on your stove on the lowest setting. Place your thermometer inside and heat until water reaches 75 c.

Step 4

Fold a kitchen towel and place it inside the pot at the bottom so when you add your substrate bag it does not come into direct contact with the hot underside of the pot.

Step 5

Empty the ziplock bag full of your bulk substrate into a clean bowl ( discard the ziplock bag it is not used for pasteurization) . Add 700 ml of clean water to your bulk substrate ( if you are unsure about the quality of  tap water use bottled water instead. Mix together well and break up any large pieces of soil. Your substrate should be at ” field capacity “. You can test this by gathering a handful and squeezing – a few drops of water should run out when you squeeze hard. If not add small amounts of water until you get to this level.

Step 6

Empty the bulk substrate into the second bag that is heat sealed on the bottom and submerge it in your pot of water ( keep the open end of the bag outside the water you do not want extra water getting inside). Take the thermometer and put it in the middle of your bulk substrate.

Step 7

Keep stove on low setting and slowly heat up the bulk substrate, you want the inside temperature to be between 65 c – 75 c.

Step 8

When the inner temperature reaches 65 c – 75 c begin timing, you want the inner temperature to stay between that range for  for 90 minutes. You may need to switch your stove on/off multiple times to achieve this.

Step 9

Once ready tie a knot in the excess plastic and allow to cool to room temperature. This could take a while maybe overnight. Do not open the bag as the contents are now pasteurized and could easily get contaminated.

Spawn to monotub

Step 10

Get your monotub ready by spraying the insides with your isopropyl alcohol spray  and wiping with a clean cloth. Clean the tub and lid well and then put lid on and keep closed.

Step 11

Scrub your hands and arms and wear a mask.

Step 12

Put on your gloves and clean a pair of scissors or knife with isopropyl alcohol spray. Spray your gloves to make sure your hands are clean. Spray then open your substrate bag and empty contents into monotub (try not get soil on the white filters in the holes of your monotub).

Step 13

Spray the lid of the grain kit, open and tip contents into monotub with your bulk substrate. Mix both together well you may need to gently crumble the grain into small/individual pieces. Once added gently press the soil down and compact it by about 1 cm. Try do this step as quickly as possible.

Step 14

Put lid back on monotub and don’t open again until colonized.

Step 15

7-10 days later your monotub should be well colonized with a layer of white mycelium and barely any soil visible. It is ready to fruit.

Step 16

Take lid off monotub about 3 times a day and firstly squirt water inside the walls of monotub and lid. Then gently fan inside for about 30sec. Avoid spraying your substrate directly but keep the sides of the tub moist throughout the day. 

Step 17

You should get fruits 7-10 days later.

Step 18

Dont forget after your first flush you can add a cup of water and allow to rehydrate for an hour before draining excess water out. Place back into fruiting conditions and you should get a second and even third flush.

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