Grow your own mushrooms at home!

Welcome to MyShrooms, your ultimate destination for all things myco home growing in South Africa! Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned pro, diving into the world of mushroom cultivation is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities. From mastering the art of temperature control to perfecting humidity levels and airflow, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Our goal is to simplify the process and get you on the path to mushroom-growing success in no time!

Ready to get started? The first step is choosing the perfect grow kit to kickstart your myco adventure. MyShrooms offers a variety of options to suit every grower’s needs, each accompanied by detailed step-by-step instructions and helpful video tutorials. Explore our kit comparisons and descriptions below to find the ideal method for cultivating your mushies. Let’s grow together!

PF Tek vs Grow in a Bag vs Bulk Grow Kit vs Oyster Bucket Kit

PF Tek Kit

Grow Kit Icons3


Excludes Liquid Culture Syringe

  • No experience required
  • 4-6 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • Potential of 150-250g harvested fruit
  • 7/10 Success Rate

Grow in a Bag Kit

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Excludes Liquid Culture Syringe

  • No experience required
  • 4-6 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • Potential of 450-650g harvested fruit
  • 9/10 Success Rate

Bulk Grow Kit

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Excludes Liquid Culture Syringe

  • Moderate experience required
  • 3-5 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • 400-600g harvested fruit
  • 7/10 Success Rate

Oyster Bucket Kit

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Includes Oyster Mushroom Spawn

  • No experience required
  • 4-6 Weeks from inoculation to fruiting
  • Potential of 500-700g harvested fruit
  • 10/10 Success Rate

PF Tek Kit

How to grow mushrooms pf tek kit
How to grow mushrooms pf tek kit2 2
How to grow mushrooms pf tek kit3 1
How to grow mushrooms pf tek kit4

PF Tek Kits are the go-to choice for beginner mushroom growers everywhere! Picture this: a cozy 1-liter plastic tub filled with sterilised growing medium just waiting for you to work your magic. With your liquid culture syringe in hand, you’ll inoculate the medium and watch as the mycelium begins its journey of colonisation. After about 4-6 weeks of tender loving care, your tub will be bursting with mycelial growth. Simply transfer your cake to a fruiting bag, and voila! Get ready to witness the magic of fruiting mushrooms right before your eyes. Happy growing!

Grow-in-a-Bag Kit

How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag
How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag2
How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag3
How to grow mushrooms grow in a bag4 1

Welcome to our Grow-in-a-Bag Kit – a modern approach to mushroom cultivation that packs a punch! While it may come with a slightly higher price tag than the PF Tek Kit, the rewards are well worth it. Inside the bag, you’ll find a treasure trove of sterilized and pasteurized growing medium, perfectly primed for bountiful harvests. Say goodbye to extra steps and equipment expenses – with this kit, you’ll be achieving bulk grow yields that seasoned cultivators dream of in no time. Whether you’re just starting out or eager to boost your produce output, this is the technique we wholeheartedly recommend. Let’s grow together and watch your mushroom garden flourish!

Bulk Grow Kit

How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit
How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit2
How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit3 1
How to grow mushrooms bulk grow kit4 1

If you’ve dabbled in mushroom growing with a PF Tek Kit and are ready to level up your game, you’re in for a treat with our Bulk Grow Kit! Enter the exciting world of pasteurising the substrate mixture and mixing it with the mycelium in the sterile monotub – it’s like cooking up a storm in your own mushroom kitchen! With the added substrate, you’ll be amazed at the higher yield you can achieve compared to the traditional PF Tek Kit method, rivaling even the Grow-in-a-Bag option. Plus, when paired with a heating pad, you’ll have the power to fine-tune the temperature, ensuring optimal growth even during the chillier seasons. Get ready to take your mushroom-growing journey to new heights – the fun is just getting started!

Oyster Bucket Kit

How to grow mushrooms Oyster Bucket
How to grow mushrooms Oyster Bucket2
How to grow mushrooms Oyster Bucket3
How to grow mushrooms Oyster Bucket4

Introducing our Oyster Bucket Kit – the ultimate choice for hassle-free mushroom cultivation! With this kit, you’ll embark on a journey that’s as easy as it is rewarding. Say goodbye to complicated sterilization processes – simply soak your straw in water and hydrated lime, then inoculate it with the pre-colonized oyster grain spawn included in the kit. It’s our simplest method yet, boasting an excellent success rate and suitable for cultivators of all skill levels. Plus, unlike other kits, our Oyster Bucket Kit comes complete with the oyster mushroom “seed”s”, eliminating the need for additional strain purchases. Get ready to enjoy a bountiful harvest of delicious oyster mushrooms in no time – the joy of homegrown mushrooms awaits!

Choose your strain

Now it’s time to choose your strain!

Welcome to the exciting world of mushroom genetics – where your choice of Liquid Culture Syringe can make all the difference in your cultivation journey! Liquid culture (LC) is like the magic potion that kickstarts your mushroom-growing adventure. Inside each 10ml syringe lies a nutrient-rich liquid teeming with mycelium, the very essence of mushroom life. It’s like having a tiny seed packed with potential, ready to bring forth a bountiful harvest. So go ahead, choose your strain and let the mushroom magic begin!

What’s Next?

Get ready for mushroom magic by choosing your preferred kit and liquid culture – it’s like picking your favorite flavor of adventure!

Once you’ve filled your cart with all your myco essentials and are feeling satisfied, it’s time to shimmy on over to the checkout page. We’ve got a smorgasbord of payment options to suit your fancy.

Sit back and wait for the fun to arrive at your doorstep!

Your eagerly awaited order will be whisked away to you by our trusty courier within 5 working days for major areas. Make sure someone’s around to welcome the mushroom party during business hours at your specified address. And don’t fret – we’ll email you those oh-so-helpful step-by-step instructions!

Time to get your hands dirty – in the best way possible!

Follow the instructions to the letter as you inoculate and coax your kit to fruiting glory. We’ve got your back until the fruits of your labor start to sprout, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you hit any bumps along the way.

Harvest and savour the fruits of your labor!

Once your mushrooms are ripe for the picking, it’s time to channel your inner forager. Wait for that magical veil to appear, then snip those beauties off at the base. Need to stash some away for later? Drying is the way to go! And the best part? Your cake can continue to fruit multiple times, ensuring a harvest that keeps on giving!