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Chestnut Culture



Substrate: PF Tek Kit / Straw / Hardwood
Temperature: 24 C
Duration: 12 – 21 days


Temperature: 10 – 21 C
Humidity: 85 – 90%
Duration: 7 – 13 days
Air Exchange: 4 – 7 p/h

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Pholiota adiposa (Chestnut)

A cousin of the slimy Nameko (Pholiota nameko) this wonderful clustering, wood loving mushroom forms dense clusters of beautiful, dark orange gilled mushrooms with a slightly shaggy cap, without the slime layer Namekos have. Since they prefer cooler temperatures these mushrooms typically take 2-3 weeks to mature once they start to fruit from baby primordia. An easy mushroom to grow, it can fruit two to three times several weeks apart. The entire mushroom is edible with the exception of the very bottom of the cluster where it attaches, which is a little tough. Pick these young for the most tender texture before they stop growing.
Edibility and Taste The flavor of this mushroom is nutty and the texture is a little crunchy when flash sautéed. Longer cooking softens the stems if they become too mature and you pick them later than expected.
Grows On Outdoors this mushroom prefers hardwood logs laid out on the ground like a raft.  Indoors this mushroom prefers supplemented sawdust in bags, cutting a short slit on the side or top of the bag.


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