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Please note it is still illegal to grow psilocybin mushrooms. Our syringes are sold for microscopy & taxonomy use only. MyShrooms does not support the growing of psilocybin mushrooms and we cannot offer advice on how to grow them.

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Some of the best psychedelic mushroom strains we have today tend to come out of parts of the world with what’s known as a “tropical moonshine climate” — Cambodia is one of these places.

The Cambodian shroom strain is one of the more famous strains floating around the psychedelic space, and for good reason. This strain was discovered by “Mushroom John” John Allen, a famous mycologist, it has a higher potency than most, and it’s more forgiving nature makes them one of the best strains for beginner growers to practice the art of cultivation.

What Are Cambodian Shrooms?

Cambodian cubes are a strain of magic mushrooms that was originally isolated from a wild one in Cambodia sometime in the early 90s.

This strain is considered one of the most robust and disease-resistant strains available, even if the growing conditions are underoptimised. Some strains are more susceptible to contamination than others, which can be the bane for new and experienced mushroom growers alike. Sometimes no matter how much care and attention you place while inoculating your spawn jars, you’ll still end up with contamination problems before you get a chance to collect on the fruits of your labor.

The resilience of this strain makes them a great candidate for beginners but is also an excellent option for more experienced growers.

But it gets even better.

Cambodians are also notoriously potent — though somewhat less potent than strains like Penis Envy.

The original sample for this strain was allegedly found near the ancient temple of Angkor Wat, which is one of the largest religious temples ever discovered. It’s believed that the ancestor strains of the Cambodian strain may have been eaten by religious leaders who were active in the temple after it was constructed in the 1100s.

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